Information Governance (InfoGovernance) is the specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving and deletion of information. It includes the processes, roles, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information to enable an organization to achieve its goals. Information governance should be an element in planning an enterprise's information architecture.

(Gartner Hype Cycle for Legal and Regulatory Information Governance, 2009, December 2009).

An Engagement Area (EA) is an area where the commander of a military force intends to contain and destroy an enemy force with the massed effects of all available weapons systems.

(FM 1-02, Operational Terms and Graphics, September 2004).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly eDiscovery News and Views – July 21, 2010

Provided for your review/use is this week's snapshot update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements.

eDiscovery News
Context for Applying Discovery
  1. Brevity Is One Key to Internet-Era Speaking -
  2. Citing Rule 37(e), Court Denies Spoliation Sanctions Despite the Existence of a Duty to Preserve -
  3. Cross-Border Discovery: Ontario’s Golden Rule -
  4. CyberAttacks on the Rise in 2010, Report Says -
  5. Database Access and the Defense -
  6. Digital Detectives: A Look at Data Breaches - New Podcast on the LegalTalkNetwork -
  7. EDRM Enron Email Data Set v2 Update -
  8. EDRM XML Schema Survey -
  9. eDiscovery Buying Criteria -
  10. E-Discovery Sector has Room to Grow: Experts -
  11. E-Monitoring and the First Amendment: What Can Tech Do?
  12. EU Data Sharing: European Commission Lays Out Core Principles of Data Sharing And Results Of First Ever Audit -
  13. Fired Over Twitter: 13 Tweets That Got People Canned -
  14. Hosting eDiscovery in the Cloud: Know What You’re Getting -
  15. Law Technology News Legal Technology Vendor  Satisfaction Survey -
  16. No E-Discovery Project Management Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy -
  17. Overview of the TREC 2009 Legal Track, by Hedin et al. -
  18. Metropolitan Corporate Counsel - Social Media - Assessment, Risks, and Techniques -
  19. Politics and ESI Retention: What Happened to Transparency in Government?
  20. Primer on Foreign Language E-Discovery -
  21. Search Term Turkey -
  22. SEC Adds Units to Oversee Financial Institutions, Asset-Backed Securities, New Financial Products and Trends -
  23. Social Media and eDiscovery: More Bark than Bite?
  24. Stupid Defendant Tricks: Poor Photo-Editing Skills Edition -
  25. Survey of 103 eDiscovery Cases in the First Half 2010, the “Campbell Soup” case, and the Wisdom of Andy Warhol:
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