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(Gartner Hype Cycle for Legal and Regulatory Information Governance, 2009, December 2009).

An Engagement Area (EA) is an area where the commander of a military force intends to contain and destroy an enemy force with the massed effects of all available weapons systems.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekly eDiscovery News and Views - April 4, 2012

Compiled from online public domain resources, provided for your review/use is this week's update of key industry news, views, and events highlighting key electronic discovery related stories, developments, and announcements.

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eDiscovery News
Content and Considerations
  • A Gold Standard for Keyword Searches - (Craig Ball)
  • ABA TechShow:  Chicago Is Home to Technology Makers and Super Heroes - (Sean Doherty)
  • Authentication of Email, Internet and Social Media Evidence - (Gregory Joseph)
  • Automating the Legal Hold Process - (Mayer Brown)
  • Clearing up Toxic Waste Dump of Digital Data: Legacy Data and Data Remediation - (Amber Scorah)
  • Criminal Law: The Fairness in Disclosure of Evidence of 2012 - (Brooke Oppenheimer)
  • Cross-Border Discovery – Federal Judge Makes a Monkey of the Cheese-Eaters - (Chris Dale)
  • ‘Da Silva Moore’ Plaintiffs Request Recusal for Judge Peck – (Sean Doherty)
  • Dramatic Changes to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Proposed – (Stephen Roberts)
  • eDiscovery Case Law: Two Pages Inadvertently Disclosed Out of Two Million May Still Waive Privilege - (Doug Austin)
  • eDiscovery Down Under: New Zealand and Australia Are Not as Different as They Sound - (Allison Walton)
  • eDiscovery: Piercing the “Veil of Secrecy” in State Court Litigation - (Matthew Prewitt)
  • eDiscovery Search and Collection in the Cloud - (John Patzakis)
  • Electronic Discovery – False Hits or False Positives - (Amy Bowser-Rollins)
  • E-SIN: Court Orders Identification of Suspected Porn Pirates | Gibbons - (Paul Asfendis)
  • Expert Discovery Amendments (2010) Narrow Definition of “Retained or Specially Employed” Expert - (Gregory Joseph)
  • Following Comments on Cost Allocation, Court Orders Parties to Split Some Costs and Plaintiff Post Bond – (K&L Gates)
  • House Judiciary Committee Member Backs Rules Change - (Robert Owen)
  • How Digital Forensics Can Help Reveal Online Fraud - (Francie Diep)
  • Inadvertent Production of Two Privileged Pages Among Over Two Million May Waive the Attorney-Client Privilege - (Gibbons)
  • Integrating HR and E-Discovery for Efficient Legal Holds – (Andrew Bartholomew)
  • Is A Facebook Page Worth Your Job? eDiscovery And Spoliation In The Age of Social Media - (Jana Landon)
  • ISPs Must Turn Over Customer Names in Porn File-Sharing Suit - (Saranac Hale Spencer)
  • Judge David Waxse on Cooperation and Lawyers Who Act Like Spoiled Children - (Ralph Losey)
  • Judge Peck Asks Plaintiffs To Reconsider Approach To Litigation (PDF) - (USDC SDNY)
  • Keyword Searches: Great Expectations (and Reality) - (BLLAWG)
  • Legal Community Looks to the Cloud for Next-Gen eDiscovery Solutions - (Michele Lange)
  • Leveraging Document Review Into a Permanent Position - (Elizabeth Collura)
  • Live At The eDiscovery Witch Trials – (Katey Wood)
  • Machine Learning To Anticipate eDiscovery Not Just To Manage It - (Chris Dale)
  • Much Ado About (Predictive Coding) Definitions - (Craig Carpenter)
  • Not So Fast: Race Tires Court Gives Flat to Momentum for Broad ESI Cost Shifting Under 28 U.S.C. §1920 – (Mark Sidoti)
  • PhotoCop & The Red Light of Admissibility - (Josh Gilliland)
  • Pippins v. KPMG May Lead To Overpreservation, But Also Teaches How To Avoid It - (Ronni Solomon, Jennifer Maddrey)
  • Predictive Coding: 5 Things You Should Know (PDF) - (David Kessler, Florinda Baldridge)
  • Raising the Awareness of Electronic Discovery in New Zealand - (Andrew King)
  • Remedies for Spoliation of Evidence – (Robert Kelner, Gail Kelner)
  • Save Time, Money and Angst — MEET AND CONFER - (Katherine Gallo)
  • Should Federal Law Fill in Gaps in State eDiscovery Law? (Ignatius Grande)
  • The eDiscovery “Passport”: The First Step to Succeeding in International Legal Disputes - (Philip Favro)
  • The Security, Privacy and Legal Implications of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - (David Navetta)
  • Third Circuit Finds That Failing to Produce Original Documents May Constitute Sanctionable Spoliation (Gibbons)
  • Troll Models | Millnet - (Charles Holloway)
  • Try It, You’ll Like It (Or Not) - (Sean Doherty)
  • Wasted Costs Order for E-Disclosure Failures - (Deborah Blaxell)
Reports and Resources
  • Buzz in the Blogosphere: Millions More Bloggers and Blog Readers - (Nielsen Wire)
  • Cybersecurity: Selected Legal Issues - (Congressional Research Service)
  • eDiscovery Industry Investor Review by VRA Partners, LLC - (Brad Jenkins)
  • EnCE Examiners Using EnCase Uncover Alleged Fraud in Facebook Ownership Case – Full Examination Report  (PDF) - (Steve Salinas)
  • Internet Social Networking Risks (PDF) - (U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • Law Technology News – April 2012 Digital Issue - (LTN)
  • Predictive Coding Technology Providers - (@ComplexD)
  • Procure Secure: A Guide to Monitoring of Security Service Levels in Cloud Contracts - (ENISA)
  • Technology-Assisted Document Review: Is It Really Defensible – Richmond Journal of Law & Technology (PDF) – (Dennis Kiker, Daryl Shetterly, W.W. Belt)
  • The Rear View Mirror on Google+: Top 5 Stories From Last Week’s Unfiltered Orange Newsletter - (@OrangeLT)
Sight and Sound
  • Act Two: Legal Tech Pioneers Return to Compete in Legal Tech Market - (Monica Bay)
  • “Do Not Track” Initiatives Could Create New Premium Online Content Market – (Colin O’Keefe, Gerald Ferguson)
  • Common eDiscovery Oversight: Underestimating Risk Of ESI - (@OrangeLT)
  • Court Affirms Technology-Assisted Review — Now What? (Webinar Recording) (Xerox XLS)
  • Impressions From SXSWi 2012: Gartner Fellow Mark McDonald on the Social Organization - (Todd Watson)
  • Online Images And Photo Sharing: Comments From Getty Images’ Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Klein – (Colleen Taylor)
  • Predictive Coding and Review Roundtable (Podcast) (Karl Schieneman, Jim Wagner, Warwick Sharp, Tom Gricks)
Technology and Tactics
  • A Note of Caution When Suing for Copyright Infringement - (Dave Shouvlin)
  • Another Cool Tool: The Log Parser Studio - (Casper Manes)
  • Cloud and Innovation Driving Use of Open Source Software - (Kathleen Goolsby)
  • Cloud Meets Big Data In Healthcare: The Importance of ACOs - (Chuck Hollis)
  • Coping With Twitter’s Unfollow Bug - (Jeremiah Owyang)
  • Data Gathering: The Dirty Little Secret of Social Networking - (Ron Miller)
  • Default Passwords Pose Security Problems for Many Organizations - (John Mello)
  • Embracing Digital Services: When Will the Legal Technology Vendors Catch Up? (Charles Christian)
  • Employers Can Still Demand Facebook Passwords After House Vote - (Stephanie Rabiner)
  • Federal Judges on Guard Against Jurors’ Social Media Activity – (Mary Pat Gallagher)
  • Found Makes Searching For Files Anywhere Super Simple (And Really Slick) (Colleen Taylor)
  • Forensics and Facebook: How Cernam Plans to Collect Social Network Evidence - (Joe Brockmeier)
  • In-House Lawyers Gaining the Upper Hand, Says ACC - (Jennifer Smith)
  • Online Privacy: The Fine Line Between Convenience and Creepy - (Kimberly Edwards)
  • Organizations Need File Sync & Share AND a Complementary Development Platform - (Joshua Konkle)
  • Law Enforcement Routinely Tracks Cell Phones - (Sharon Nelson)
  • MasterCard, VISA Warn of Processor Breach - (Brian Krebs)
  • Nearly Impossible to Wipe Personal Data from Some Mobile Devices - (ProofPoint)
  • New U.S. Research Will Aim at Flood of Digital Data - (Steve Lohr)
  • Privacy Please! | Slaw - (Catherine Sanders Reach)
  • Restoring Contemplation: How Disconnecting Bolsters the Knowledge Economy (PDF) –  (Jessie L. Mannisto)
  • Scripting with Microsoft Script Explorer - (Casper Manes)
  • Social Networking Heads to the Office - (Shayndi Raice)
  • Supreme Court Holds Privacy Act Recovery Only Available When There is Economic Loss - (Timothy Tobin)
  • Though Not Yet Banned, Requiring SocialMedia Information Is a Bad Idea | Littler - (Chris Leh)
  • Why Aren’t Companies Better Prepared for Data Breaches? (Catherine Dunn)
  • Your Email Password Could Be a Goldmine - (Jeff Orloff)
  • Va. Police: Social Media Policy Is Part of ‘Virtual Character Check’ (Young Ha)
Vendor Views
Industry Landscape
  • Afognak Native Corporation Enrolls CommVault Simpana Software - (PR Newswire)
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission Signs Three-Year Contract with Nuix - (Business Wire)
  • BIA to Showcase New Social Media, Webmail and Cloud Application Collection Features at ACEDS2012 - (Business Wire)
  • BlueStar Case Solutions Continues to Develop Successful Attorney Review Division - (PR Web)
  • Considering eDiscovery in the Cloud? (@OrangeLT)
  • Credence Corp. Unveils Managed Services Platform At ACEDS2012 eDiscovery Conference - (i-Newswire)
  • Cryoserver:  The Freedom of Information Act Applies to Personal Accounts in the Government - (Cryoserver)
  • DTI Names Michael Marsilio Director of Information Security and Compliance - (Brendan McKenna)
  • Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 Has Been Released - (Glenn Martin)
  • Equivio: Zoom to Predictive Coding - (Charles Skamser)
  • Executive Interview with CEO Brad Jenkins of CloudNine Discovery – (Charles Skamser)
  • FTI Consulting Announces Nomination of Directors to Stand for Election at 2012 Annual Meeting - (PR Newswire)
  • GGO First eDiscovery Technology and Consulting Firm Requiring New Staff to Become CEDS as Condition of Employment – (ACEDS)
  • Global Relay Adds Wall Street Veteran - (PR Web)
  • Google Adds eDiscovery Option to Apps Platform (Comments From Jack Halprin, Craig Carpenter) - (Steve Evans)
  • Google Apps Vault Adds eDiscovery Features to Google Apps for Business – (Evan Koblentz)
  • Iris Data Services Hires New Account Executive in San Francisco - (PR Web)
  • Kroll Ontrack: Leveraging Cloud-Based Delivery Capabilities for DIY E-Discovery - (Kroll Ontrack)
  • LDM Global Bolsters US Presence with Key Hires in Sales and Client Services Teams – (@LegalIT)
  • Messaging Architects Adds Cloud Migration Capabilities to the Netmail Platform - (PR Web)
  • Modus Recognized as Relativity Best in Service Partner - (PR Web)
  • Nancy Daniel of Altep, Inc. Named Director of Women in E-Discovery’s Dallas Chapter – (Press Release)
  • New Product Increases Control Over eDiscovery - (Metropolitan Corporate Counsel)
  • Paragon Legal Technology Support Leverages iCONECT’s XERA Platform - (PR Web)
  • PowerSearch Software Announces Enhanced Search Functionality and Support for all Languages - (PR Web)
  • RVM Expands eDiscovery Consulting Practice Through Acquisition of EDiscover-E - (Business Wire)
  • Stroz Friedberg and Pangea3 Form Alliance to Offer eDiscovery Services - (Business Wire)
  • Syngence Announces SynthetixND Upgrade, Flat-Rate Charter Program – (Michael Roach)
  • Thomson Reuters Hires Former Kroll Exec Nimsger - (Evan Koblentz)
  • ZyLAB Warns that EU Data Protection Reforms will Complicate Cross-border Litigation - (Announcement)
2012 eDiscovery Events


ACEDS 2012 Conference
April 2 - 4, 2012
Hollywood, FL

12th Annual Super Conference
April 23 - 24, 2012
Chicago, IL


2012 World Technology Law Conference & Annual Meeting
May 3 - 4, 2012
Washington, DC

INSIGHT 2012 Law Firm IT - Conference and Exposition
May 8 - 9, 2012
London, UK

EDRM 2012 - 2013 Kickoff Meeting
May 16 - 17, 2012
St. Paul, MN

CEIC 2012
May 21 - 24, 2012
Summerlin, NV

LegalTech West Coast 2012
May 22-23, 2012
Los Angeles, CA

eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Conference
May 23 – 25, 2012
Tempe, AZ


ILO Global Counsel Congress
June 14, 2012
New York, NY


Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat
July 22 - 24, 2012
Carmel, CA


ILTA Annual Conference 2012
August 26 - 30, 2012
Washington, DC


Intermountain eDiscovery Conference 2012
September 13, 2012 (Planning)
Salt Lake City, UT

ACC Annual Meeting
September 30 - October 3, 2012
Orlando, FL


EDI Leadership Summit 2012
October 17 - 19, 2012
Fort Lauderdale, FL