Information Governance (InfoGovernance) is the specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving and deletion of information. It includes the processes, roles, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information to enable an organization to achieve its goals. Information governance should be an element in planning an enterprise's information architecture.

(Gartner Hype Cycle for Legal and Regulatory Information Governance, 2009, December 2009).

An Engagement Area (EA) is an area where the commander of a military force intends to contain and destroy an enemy force with the massed effects of all available weapons systems.

(FM 1-02, Operational Terms and Graphics, September 2004).

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Black Swans and Information Governance

By Jason Baron
In the absence of a black swan recently happening to you and your organization, how can you convince the powers that be that they should take some preventive and/or precautionary course of action to stave off a subsequent disaster? These questions have direct relevance to the matter of “selling” information governance to the C-suite in our increasingly Big Data world.