Information Governance (InfoGovernance) is the specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in the valuation, creation, storage, use, archiving and deletion of information. It includes the processes, roles, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information to enable an organization to achieve its goals. Information governance should be an element in planning an enterprise's information architecture.

(Gartner Hype Cycle for Legal and Regulatory Information Governance, 2009, December 2009).

An Engagement Area (EA) is an area where the commander of a military force intends to contain and destroy an enemy force with the massed effects of all available weapons systems.

(FM 1-02, Operational Terms and Graphics, September 2004).

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tech is Litigants’ Boon, Not Profession’s Doom

By David Horrigan for Predictive Coding: A Special Report
Assisted review is merely one way for attorneys to find their way through mountains of evidence.
In one of the more debated lines in English literature, Dick the Butcher, a character in Shakespeare’s “Henry VI, Part II,” said, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Some argue the line shows Shakespeare’s disdain for lawyers, others that, because Dick was engaged in a nefarious plot, the line is actually commentary about how necessary lawyers are. Fast-forward four centuries, and technology brings a new twist to the necessity for lawyers: The development of assisted review technologies, including predictive coding.